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Welcome to the Sneaky Cheetah Club

Sneaky Cheetah Club (SCC) is a digital collection consisting of 3030 unique Cheetah NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain.

Buying a Sneaky Cheetah costs 0.03 Ξ + gas

30 of the 3030 Cheetah’s are considered “Ultra Rare” as they are 1 of 1’s.

These 30 Ultra Rare Cheetahs make up 1% and are randomly distributed within the collection. Don’t worry if you don’t mint any Ultra Rare's as there are certain base traits that can be considered just as rare.

Each Sneaky Cheetah is unique and programmatically generated from over 80 different possible characteristics and attributes.

*Please note that 30 Cheetahs determined at random will be withheld from the initial drop, making 3000 Cheetahs available for purchase on launch day. These 30 Cheetahs withheld will be used for promotions, giveaways, collaborations and for the team to distribute at their discretion.

Launching Aug 29th, 2021 @ 9pm UTC

  • 0%

    Cartoon Bird holders get rewarded

  • 25%

    Schiller creates 5 Cheetah derivatives & will be airdropped to SCC owners

  • 50%

    10 Cheetahs that were withheld from the initial drop will be airdropped to SCC owners

  • 75%

    Special guest artist Dickers (Creator of Skullkids) will design a derivative for a SCC holder. Raffle through the discord for ETH will also occur

  • 100%

    Reduce my hours at work to focus on Generation 2 of SCC. Airdrops of SCC and other cool NFTs will be distributed to SCC owners

I am the artist and creator of Sneaky Cheetah Club (SCC). I am also currently working as a Nurse in a busy Emergency Department!

In between working 12+ hour days/nights at the hospital, I spend my time drawing my Cartoon Birds, Sneaky Cheetah Club and other digital art pieces.

I have a love for Art however I put it all on hold to be able to pursue a Nursing education and career. After nearly 8 years I have rediscovered that love.

I am a very creative individual and I love how I am able to express myself artistically.

I love working as a Nurse however I would also love to have my dream of being a successful digital artist to become a reality.

Thank you to those who support me on achieving this!